Craft ‘n Things: Heart-Shaped Suncatcher

February 2021

Instructions for Making a Heart-Shaped Suncatcher

● 2 Pieces of Red Construction Paper
● 2 Pieces of 12 Inch Contact Paper
● Multiple Pieces of Colorful Tissue Paper
● 12 Inch Piece of String
● Scissor
● Pencil/Pen
● Paper Whole Punch (Optional)
1. Take the two pieces of construction paper and fold them in
half, hamburger style, then place one on top of the other
and draw a big half heart on the top piece of construction
2. Draw a smaller half heart on the inside of the big heart.
Leaving an inch or so between the two.
3. Using the scissor, cut along the outline of the bigger half heart. Make sure you are cutting through both pieces of construction paper.
4. Cut along the outline of the smaller heart. Cutting through both pieces of the construction paper. You should now have two hearts with empty space in the middle.
5. Take one piece of contact paper and peel off the backing. Lay it flat on a surface with the sticky side facing up.
6. Take one of your hearts (with the empty space in the middle) and place it on the contact paper. If you have any pencil or pen marks on the heart, place that on the contact paper facing up. You will want to press and hold the heart to the contact paper.
7. Next, take your tissue paper and begin to rip pieces of it. The pieces do not need to be any particular shape or size.
8. Once you have the desired amount of ripped tissue paper, begin placing it randomly on the contact paper in the center of the heart. You will not want to leave any gaps on the contact paper. It is okay if tissue paper overlaps one another or the construction paper.
9. After you apply the tissue paper, take the second construction paper heart without a middle and place it on top of the tissue paper and first construction paper heart. Line it up as much as possible.
10. Take the second piece of contact paper, remove the backing, and apply it to the first piece of contact paper on top of the hearts and tissue paper. Press and seal as much as possible.
11. Cut around the outer edges of your heart. Leaving a clear outline of it. This will help remove excess contact paper.
12. Almost there! You now have your suncatcher, you just need a way to hang it. If you have a paper whole punch, punch a hole in the top point in the heart. If not, fold your suncatcher in half. At the top point of the heart, cut a small puncture. Thread your string through the hole and hang.

YouTube Tutorial: