Craft n’ Things: Paper Bag Snowflakes

January 2021

Instructions for Making Paper Bag Snowflakes

• Six Small Lunch Paper Bags
• 12 Glue Dots
• 12 Inches of Twine
• Scissors
1. Take one small lunch bag and place it upside-down and flat in front of you. Take a glue dot and place on what would normally be the bottom of the bag. Place another glue dot about two inches below the first. Place a second bag on top of the first and press down to secure the glue dots. Repeat this process
until all of the bags are attached. (Do not put glue dots on the last bag.)
2. Cut a portion of the bags off on the side where the bags open. This could be about two inches or wherever you would like to cut. You may find it slightly difficult to cut through all six bags at once. (Do not cut the glue dots off.)
3. Cut a pattern on the bags where they open. This could be one big triangle or multiple small ones or one big wave/squiggles or several small waves/squiggles.
4. Cut a pattern into both sides of the bag. Again, this could be multiple small triangles or small waves squiggles.
5. Expand your bags like an accordion without fully unfolding the bags. Put the last two glue dots on the outside of one of the bags on the end. Attach the two end bags by press and hold them together.
6. Pinch the two bags that you just attached together about an inch from the top. Cut a small hole in that spot so you can thread your twine through both bags.
7. Thread the twine through both bags and tie the twine together.
8. Hang your snowflake up.

YouTube Tutorial: