Craft n’ Things: Pine Cone Felt Owls

April 2021

Instructions for Making Pine Cone Felt Owls

● Felt (At Least Four Colors)
● Glue Dots (At Least 24 minis)
● Pine Cone
● Scissors
● Pen
Owl Pattern (Pick One of Three)

1. Select an owl pattern. (Note: The belly of each owl is optional. These instructions do not include the belly.)
2. Decide what colors will be used for the different parts of the owl. The owl on the left has suggestions on what parts of the owl should have matching colors. (i.e. The small wings and the large part of the eyes match.) Because we are using four colors, the pupils should match the eyebrows.
3. Cut out your pattern pieces and trace them on the felt. It is best to cut out the pieces based on their color. For example, the big wing, wing accents, and eyes should match in color. Cut those pieces out and then trace them on the felt color.
4. Cut out all the felt pieces that go on the face of the owl. Use the glue dots to put together the face. Use the picture on the pattern as a guide as to how to put the face together.
5. Cut out all of the pieces for the wings. Use the glue dots to put together the wings using the picture on the pattern as a guide. Use two glue dots to hold the small wing and big wings together.
6. Next, attach the face to the pinecone. The pine cone has a small stem on the very top of it. Place a glue dot on the stem then center the head on the glue dot.
7. The wings are next. Put two glue dots each vertically on the back of the wings. Attach the wings to the sides of the pine cone.
8. Your owl is finished.

YouTube Tutorial:

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