Craft ‘n Things: Scrabble Ornament

December 2020

Instructions for Making a Scrabble Ornament

● 3-5 Scrabble Letters (3 for Joy, 4 for Love, and 5 for Peace)
● 3 Jingle Bells
● 5-8 Glue Dots (5 for Joy, 6 for Love, and 8 for Peace)
● 8 to 12 inches of ribbon (8 for Joy, 9.5 for Love, and 12 for Peace)
● 10 inches of string small enough to thread Jingle Bells on it.
1. After cutting your ribbon to size fold it in half, then fold it the long way. Measuring about a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the ribbon, use a scissors to cut diagonally from the top of your measurement to the bottom of the ribbon. After unfolding, your cut will have formed a triangle.
2. Take one of the glue dots and put it on the inside of the ribbon just above the newly cut triangle. Press and hold both sides of the ribbon to the glue dot.
3. Next, take all of your scrabble pieces and attach a glue dot to the back of each piece.
4. Place each scrabble piece on the ribbon. Leave a small amount of space between each piece. It is best to attach the pieces from the bottom to the top leaving a small amount of space between the bottom of the ribbon and the first scrabble piece.
5. Once all of the scrabble pieces are attached to the ribbon, take the last glue dot and place it on the ribbon behind the top scrabble piece. Press and hold both sides of the ribbon to the glue dot.
6. Next, take your string and jingle bells. Thread the jingle bells on to the string.
7. At the fold at the top of the ribbon, thread the string through and tie the ends of the string together. The jingle bells should be next to the ribbon.
8. Hang your ornament on a tree.

YouTube Tutorial: