Winona Digital Literacy Project Fall Classes

Winona Digital Literacy Project

Winona Digital Literacy Project Fall Classes

Are you thinking about getting a cell phone or smartphone and are not sure what you should be looking for in a phone?  What about this thing called streaming?  Should you look into services like Netflix and Hulu?  These are something that the Winona Digital Literacy Project will answer in two separate Fall Classes at the Winona Public Library.

Buying a Cell Phone
Monday, September 16th
4:30 PM

Learn everything you need to know about buying a cell phone/smartphone before you go into the store.  This class will discuss everything from provider cover to types of cell phones and plans.

Cutting the Cord & Moving Toward Streaming
Thursday, November 14th
5:30 PM

Learn about what it means to stream something on your TV, computer, or device and the different types of services that are alternatives to cable and or basic television.

All participants must register.  To register for the classes, go to or call Adult Basic Education at (507) 494-0924 or the Winona Public Library at (507) 452-4860.