Curbside Pickup

We are currently offering curbside pickup for item requests.

M-F 9 am-5 pm
Sat. 9 am-12 pm

  1. Place your request(s) on items in our online catalog. 
  2. When you receive a notice that your items are on hold, schedule a pickup time using our online form or call the library at 507-452-4582.
  3. Your items will be available for pickup on a cart inside the vestibule of the main entrance of the library on Johnson St.

Curbside FAQs:

There is a limit of 20 item requests per card.

If you receive notice that you have other items on hold after you schedule your pickup, we will include those in your bag,  You do not need to schedule separate pickups, as long as you had received notice prior to the pickup date and time.

Although your appointment time is specific, we do leave your bag out at least 30 minutes to allow you some flexibility in arrival time.

The library will be offering browsing appointments starting on Monday, March 29th.