Enhancing Workforce in Winona: Job Club

Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month, Starting May 26th

The Winona Public Library and CareerForce are partnering to bring the Winona Area Community a job club every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 3-4 pm in the Library’s Meeting Room beginning May 26th.  Job club will be held in a hybrid format – both in-person and virtually.

What is a job club?  Learn about job hunting skills – personal branding, interviewing skills, resume building, and many other topics that can help you land the career that you want.

If interested in attending the job club virtually, please register to receive the link.

June 9:  Resume Writing

June 23: Adult Dislocated Worker Programs

July 14:  Cover Letter Writing

July 28: Personal Branding

August 11: Internet Job Hunting & Company Research

This program is funded in part or in whole with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funds, CFDA 45.310, Library Services and Technology Act – American Rescue Plan Act, LS-250219-OLS-21.

Memory Cafés

Hybrid (Virtual & In-Person) Meetings offered every Wednesday at 2:30 PM

Join us for a stigma-free one-hour program. It’s a time to socialize and engage with others, exchange experiences, support one another and learn something new. From the Suez Canal to Dolly Parton, we explore a new topic every week!

Meeting Location: Winona Friendship Center (251 Main Street)

For more information on how to attend the Memory Cafes, contact Library Staff at winonapl@selco.info.

Book Discussion

Meets on the 1st Wednesday of the Month, 2PM

The next discussion on Wednesday, July 6th will meet in the Bell Art Room at 2 pm. We will be discussing The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict.

If you would like to borrow a copy of the book, please fill out this form or call the Reference Desk at (507) 452-4860

Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns

October 2020

Instructions for Making Pumpkin Lanterns

Create pumpkin lanterns to have around your house for Halloween during the Winona Public Library's Craft 'n Things.

 Foam Brush
 Mod Podge
 Cup/Small Bowl
 Balloon
 Tealight Candle (Batter Operated or Lit)
 Permanent Marker
 Orange Tissue Paper

1. Blow your balloon up so that it is about 3.5 inches in diameter. (This is about the same width as a hand in a fist.) When finished, tie it closed.
2. Put the balloon in your cup with the knot on the balloon in the cup.
3. Take the orange tissue paper and rip it into small pieces. (Pieces should be about one to two inches but this does not need to be exact.)
4. You will need the foam brush and mod podge for this step. Dip your brush into the mod podge and cover a small section of the balloon with it. Cover the section with the tissue paper pieces. Repeat this step until the balloon is covered. (The tissue paper will not totally stick down and edges will be sticking up. This is okay.)
5. Using your foam brush, cover the tissue paper that is on the balloon with mod podge.
(This is your second layer of mod podge.) Do this in sections until all of the tissue paper on the balloon is covered. (The mod podge goes on white but will dry clear. Wrinkles in the tissue paper are okay during this process.)
6. Let mod podge dry for 24 hours.
7. The next day remove the balloon from the cup and turn balloon so the knot is facing up.
Take your permanent marker and draw a pumpkin face on the tissue paper. (The mouth of the pumpkin should be toward the center of tissue paper.)
8. Using a pointed edge (pin, paper clip, pen, etc), pop the balloon. The tissue paper mold will deflate with the balloon. This is okay.
9. When the balloon finishes deflating, remove it from the inside of your mold and reshape the mold so it appears round again.
10. Put your tealight candle in the now pumpkin-shaped mold. You now have a pumpkin lantern!

Magazines Now Available in OverDrive/Libby

We now have 10 magazine titles available on Libby & Overdrive—all with availability for unlimited simultaneous use, which means no waiting!

To view how to get the Libby or Overdrive app on your device, visit https://winona.lib.mn.us/downloads/.

Magazines that are available include:

Car and Driver
The Economist
Food Network
Good Housekeeping
Men's Health
O The Oprah Magazine
Women's Health

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