Library Opening for All Services on Monday, May 3rd

The library will be opening for all services on Monday, May 3rd, from 9 am-5 pm Mondays-Fridays, and from 9 am-12 pm on Saturdays. Walk-ins are welcome but appointments are appreciated.

Due to construction in Youth Services, all browsing and computer appointments will enter through the library's 5th Street entrance. The Youth materials have been temporarily relocated upstairs. The elevator will remain available for those with mobility needs.

All items will be checked out on 2nd Floor at the self-check, Reference desk, or Youth Services desk in the Art Room. The Checkout Desk is currently closed to the public.

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Masks are required for visitors and staff. We ask that you use the hand sanitizer upon entering the building. High-touch surfaces will be sanitized frequently.

Warbler Walk: with Richie Swanson

Wednesday, May 19th from 9-11 am

Enjoy a morning of birding in Aghaming Park with the Winona Public Library on Wednesday, May 19th from 9-11 am.  Naturalist and fellow library employee, Richie Swanson, will take you on a nature walk that will ensure some of the greatest sites and loveliest birds like orioles, warblers, and maybe even scarlet tanagers.

Registration for this program is required as space is limited.   To register for the program, fill out our online form or call the Library’s Reference Desk at (507) 452-4860.

It is recommended that you bring binoculars and a camera.  Wear clothes that can get dirty and meant for rugged terrain.  Masks and physical distancing are required.  Participants will meet in Aghaming Park where the boulders block motorize traffic from the Flyway Trail.

Tarot Card Readings

Wednesday, May 26th from 10-12pm or 1-3pm

May 25th is World Tarot Day!  In celebration of the day, the Winona Public Library will offer a limited number of tarot readings with our resident reader and employee, Francesca.   Francesca has been doing readings for several years and is known for her accuracy.  Several of you may, also, recognize her from our Galentine’s Day event in early 2020.

Readings will take place on the Library’s Learning Plaza located outside of the library on Johnson Street.  Each reading will be twenty minutes.  Participants may receive a reading on Tuesday, May 25th from 12-2 pm or 4-6 pm or Wednesday, May 26th from 10-12 pm or 1-3 pm.  Appointments are required. To register, fill out our online form or call the Library’s Reference Desk at (507) 452-4860.

All participants must wear a mask and will remain distanced from others and the reader.

*May 25th times have been completely booked.*

Craft n’ Things: Pine Cone Felt Owls

Pine Cone Felt Owls Craft

April 2021

Instructions for Making Pine Cone Felt Owls

● Felt (At Least Four Colors)
● Glue Dots (At Least 24 minis)
● Pine Cone
● Scissors
● Pen
Owl Pattern (Pick One of Three)

1. Select an owl pattern. (Note: The belly of each owl is optional. These instructions do not include the belly.)
2. Decide what colors will be used for the different parts of the owl. The owl on the left has suggestions on what parts of the owl should have matching colors. (i.e. The small wings and the large part of the eyes match.) Because we are using four colors, the pupils should match the eyebrows.
3. Cut out your pattern pieces and trace them on the felt. It is best to cut out the pieces based on their color. For example, the big wing, wing accents, and eyes should match in color. Cut those pieces out and then trace them on the felt color.
4. Cut out all the felt pieces that go on the face of the owl. Use the glue dots to put together the face. Use the picture on the pattern as a guide as to how to put the face together.
5. Cut out all of the pieces for the wings. Use the glue dots to put together the wings using the picture on the pattern as a guide. Use two glue dots to hold the small wing and big wings together.
6. Next, attach the face to the pinecone. The pine cone has a small stem on the very top of it. Place a glue dot on the stem then center the head on the glue dot.
7. The wings are next. Put two glue dots each vertically on the back of the wings. Attach the wings to the sides of the pine cone.
8. Your owl is finished.

YouTube Tutorial:

Show us your work! Send your final product to or direct message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and we will share your work on social media.

Craft ‘n Things: Paper Leprechaun Top Hats

Paper Leprechaun Top Hats

March 2021

Instructions for Making Paper Leprechaun Top Hats

● Cardstock with Top Hat Pattern
● Yellow Construction Paper with Buckle on It
● Black Construction Paper for Top Hat Ribbon
● Shamrock Sticker
● Glue Stick
● Scissors
1. Cut the pattern pieces out of the cardstock. (Make sure that just the teeth on the brim of the hat are cut out with the circle. The majority of the center can be cut out.)
2. Put your hat middle in front of you, horizontally. Place glue on the full length of the left side of this piece.
3. Put the two ends of the hat middle together (with the left side underneath the right) and press and hold firmly. Make sure the two pieces are sticking together.
4. Take the brim of the hat and place glue on the teeth of the pattern side of the paper. Fold the teeth up.
5. Place the teeth on the brim of the hat inside the hat middle. Press and hold each piece to the hat middle until they stick firmly.
6. Take the top of the hat and place glue on each of the outer rectangles. Fold the rectangles down.
7. Place the rectangles inside the hat and press and hold them together firmly. (You will want to place one hand through the bottom of the hat to do this.)
8. Take the black ribbon of construction paper and place glue on one side of it. Place this around the bottom of the hat just above the brim.
9. Cut out your buckle that is one the yellow construction paper.
10. Place glue on one side of the buckle and place it on the black ribbon of the hat.
11. Take your shamrock sticker and place it anywhere on the hat.
12. You have a paper leprechaun top hat.

YouTube Tutorial:

Show us your work! Send your final product to or direct message us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and we will share your work on social media.

Tax Form Information

Tax Form Information

Tax Forms are here and are located in the library's vestibule on Johnson Street. We have Federal Forms 1040 & 1040-SR and instructions. We also have Minnesota's M1, M1PR, and CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid).

The Minnesota Income Tax and Property Tax Refund instruction booklets are available for a seven-day checkout.

You can call the Reference Desk at (507) 452-4860 or email us at if you need a form that we do not have.

Note:  The IRS does not allow our tax hub to order anything beyond the main 1040 form and instructions, and the State of Minnesota no longer reproduces print forms for tax hubs.

Federal Tax Forms are available on the IRS Website (  Minnesota Income and Property Tax Forms are currently available on the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s Website (

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can order Federal forms by calling 1-800-829-1010.  Minnesota forms can be ordered by calling  1-800-652-9094.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

*CLOSED: No longer offering tax assistance for the remainder of the year*

The IRS continues to encourage taxpayers to use the IRS Withholding Calculator to see if they need to make tax withholding changes.

News releases and tax tips are available on the IRS Tax Reform News and Tax Reform Resources page.

Other resources and general information

Craft ‘n Things: Heart-Shaped Suncatcher

Heart-shaped Sun Catcher

February 2021

Instructions for Making a Heart-Shaped Suncatcher

● 2 Pieces of Red Construction Paper
● 2 Pieces of 12 Inch Contact Paper
● Multiple Pieces of Colorful Tissue Paper
● 12 Inch Piece of String
● Scissor
● Pencil/Pen
● Paper Whole Punch (Optional)
1. Take the two pieces of construction paper and fold them in
half, hamburger style, then place one on top of the other
and draw a big half heart on the top piece of construction
2. Draw a smaller half heart on the inside of the big heart.
Leaving an inch or so between the two.
3. Using the scissor, cut along the outline of the bigger half heart. Make sure you are cutting through both pieces of construction paper.
4. Cut along the outline of the smaller heart. Cutting through both pieces of the construction paper. You should now have two hearts with empty space in the middle.
5. Take one piece of contact paper and peel off the backing. Lay it flat on a surface with the sticky side facing up.
6. Take one of your hearts (with the empty space in the middle) and place it on the contact paper. If you have any pencil or pen marks on the heart, place that on the contact paper facing up. You will want to press and hold the heart to the contact paper.
7. Next, take your tissue paper and begin to rip pieces of it. The pieces do not need to be any particular shape or size.
8. Once you have the desired amount of ripped tissue paper, begin placing it randomly on the contact paper in the center of the heart. You will not want to leave any gaps on the contact paper. It is okay if tissue paper overlaps one another or the construction paper.
9. After you apply the tissue paper, take the second construction paper heart without a middle and place it on top of the tissue paper and first construction paper heart. Line it up as much as possible.
10. Take the second piece of contact paper, remove the backing, and apply it to the first piece of contact paper on top of the hearts and tissue paper. Press and seal as much as possible.
11. Cut around the outer edges of your heart. Leaving a clear outline of it. This will help remove excess contact paper.
12. Almost there! You now have your suncatcher, you just need a way to hang it. If you have a paper whole punch, punch a hole in the top point in the heart. If not, fold your suncatcher in half. At the top point of the heart, cut a small puncture. Thread your string through the hole and hang.

YouTube Tutorial:

Craft n’ Things: Paper Bag Snowflakes

Paper Bag Snowflakes

January 2021

Instructions for Making Paper Bag Snowflakes

• Six Small Lunch Paper Bags
• 12 Glue Dots
• 12 Inches of Twine
• Scissors
1. Take one small lunch bag and place it upside-down and flat in front of you. Take a glue dot and place on what would normally be the bottom of the bag. Place another glue dot about two inches below the first. Place a second bag on top of the first and press down to secure the glue dots. Repeat this process
until all of the bags are attached. (Do not put glue dots on the last bag.)
2. Cut a portion of the bags off on the side where the bags open. This could be about two inches or wherever you would like to cut. You may find it slightly difficult to cut through all six bags at once. (Do not cut the glue dots off.)
3. Cut a pattern on the bags where they open. This could be one big triangle or multiple small ones or one big wave/squiggles or several small waves/squiggles.
4. Cut a pattern into both sides of the bag. Again, this could be multiple small triangles or small waves squiggles.
5. Expand your bags like an accordion without fully unfolding the bags. Put the last two glue dots on the outside of one of the bags on the end. Attach the two end bags by press and hold them together.
6. Pinch the two bags that you just attached together about an inch from the top. Cut a small hole in that spot so you can thread your twine through both bags.
7. Thread the twine through both bags and tie the twine together.
8. Hang your snowflake up.

YouTube Tutorial:

Great River Writes – Winona Writers Group

Great River Writes Logo

Meets monthly on the 2nd Friday, 3:30 PM

Do you like to write fiction or non-fiction?  Check out the Great River Writes – Winona Writers Group that meets every second Friday of the Month in our Learning Plaza (also available through Zoom).

Participants receive a monthly reminder of the meeting along with writing prompts.  Pick one of the three writing prompts or write your own.  Stories must be one page, single-spaced.  At the meeting, participants will share their stories and provide a critique to others.

Registration is required. Please register using this online form.

Upcoming dates:
May 14th (Library Learning Plaza)

We are excited to announce this month we plan to meet outside at the Library Learning Plaza for sharing and critiquing our writing. We'll meet from 3:30 -5:30, though we may end early depending on the number of participants.

Masks are preferred and social distancing is encouraged. Everyone attending will need to sign a liability waiver.

Bring your own chair if possible. There are two benches available, and the library can bring out a chair if necessary.

We will also have a zoom option for anyone who can't make the in-person event. Please register using this online form.

Bring a copy of your writing that you wish to share (up to 2000 words) and the library staff will make copies for the group.

As always, feel free to use the prompts below, change them, or ignore them and write your own idea. We will read aloud, then share verbal comments and suggestions. We hope to see you at the meeting.

May prompts:

1. Celebrations. There are so many reasons, both trivial and profound, and so many ways, both large and small, to celebrate. Write about a memorable celebration.

2.  Spring is here and we're looking forward to the new normal. Write about beginnings.

For other Great River Writes programs, go to the Facebook page.

Craft ‘n Things: Scrabble Ornament

Scrabble Ornament

December 2020

Instructions for Making a Scrabble Ornament

● 3-5 Scrabble Letters (3 for Joy, 4 for Love, and 5 for Peace)
● 3 Jingle Bells
● 5-8 Glue Dots (5 for Joy, 6 for Love, and 8 for Peace)
● 8 to 12 inches of ribbon (8 for Joy, 9.5 for Love, and 12 for Peace)
● 10 inches of string small enough to thread Jingle Bells on it.
1. After cutting your ribbon to size fold it in half, then fold it the long way. Measuring about a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the ribbon, use a scissors to cut diagonally from the top of your measurement to the bottom of the ribbon. After unfolding, your cut will have formed a triangle.
2. Take one of the glue dots and put it on the inside of the ribbon just above the newly cut triangle. Press and hold both sides of the ribbon to the glue dot.
3. Next, take all of your scrabble pieces and attach a glue dot to the back of each piece.
4. Place each scrabble piece on the ribbon. Leave a small amount of space between each piece. It is best to attach the pieces from the bottom to the top leaving a small amount of space between the bottom of the ribbon and the first scrabble piece.
5. Once all of the scrabble pieces are attached to the ribbon, take the last glue dot and place it on the ribbon behind the top scrabble piece. Press and hold both sides of the ribbon to the glue dot.
6. Next, take your string and jingle bells. Thread the jingle bells on to the string.
7. At the fold at the top of the ribbon, thread the string through and tie the ends of the string together. The jingle bells should be next to the ribbon.
8. Hang your ornament on a tree.

YouTube Tutorial: