Hotspots Available for Checkout


We are pleased to announce that we now have 21 hotspots available to checkout. The hotspots will allow you to access the internet through your personal device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Here are the details:

  • 28-day loan period.
  • Maximum of two renewals (renewals are allowed only if there are no other requests).
  • Must be 16 or older.
  • Limit of one per card.
  • No data limit (though it is likely the service will be throttled down by the provider after certain data thresholds are met).
  • 20 devices are on the Sprint network (to view coverage area, go to and one is on the Verizon network (provided to us by  SELCO; to view the coverage area, go to
  • By checking out the device, you automatically agree to our Wireless Internet Policy.
  • Hotspots that are not returned when they are due will be disabled remotely.
  • To place a request, go to our online catalog and search for: hotspot.

If our hotspots are all checked out, please place a request through our online catalog: hotspot. While you're waiting, here are some other City of Winona Hot Spot Locations.

Craft ‘n Things: Mini Turkey Candy Dish

November 2020

Instructions for Making Mini Turkey Candy Dish

Create pumpkin lanterns to have around your house for Halloween during the Winona Public Library's Craft 'n Things.

 Brown Acrylic Paint
 Paint Brush
 Wooden Ice Cream Spoon
 Googly Eyes (2)
 Small Foam Heart (3/4 inch at its
 Small Button (1/2” diameter)
 Large Foam Heart (2 inches at its
 Fabric Leaves (3)
 2 Inch Clay Pot
 Glue Dots (9)
1. Paint the wooden spoon brown. You can do just paint the front or the front and back. Set aside. The paint will dry in one hour.
2. Take a glue dot and place it in the middle of the large heart. Place the tip of the large heart at one end of the clay pot. Press and hold the pot to heart so the glue dot will stick.
3. Take one of the leaves a place a glue dot at the bottom-center of it. Place the leaf on the rim of the pot just above the point of the heart. This is so the back of the turkey is center with the front.
4. Take the other two leaves and place a glue dot at the bottom-center of them. Place them on the pot’s rim on either side of the leaf in the center.
5. Once the paint on the wooden spoon is dry, it is time to build the body of your turkey.
Take the small heart and put a glue dot on the back of it. Place the heart on the painted side of the wooden spoon, just above the part where the spoon is at its thinnest.
6. Put a glue dot on the back of each googly eye. Place the eyes just above the small heart on the spoon.
7. Put a glue dot on the back of the button. Place the button just below the small heart on the spoon.
8. Next, connect the body of the turkey to the pot. Put a glue dot on the outside rim of the pot (opposite of the leaves). Press and hold the wooden spoon to the pot so the body of the turkey is showing.
9. You are done! Fill the pot with candy and enjoy!

YouTube Tutorial: Mini Turkey Candy Dish

Book Club in a Bag Kits

Did you know you can request a Book Club in a Bag in our online catalog? SELCO has a large collection of kits that contain 10 copies of a book, along with reader guides in a canvas bag.  These kits feature Minnesota Book Award-winning adult and youth titles in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as books that discuss gender equality and racism among other topics.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns

October 2020

Instructions for Making Pumpkin Lanterns

Create pumpkin lanterns to have around your house for Halloween during the Winona Public Library's Craft 'n Things.

 Foam Brush
 Mod Podge
 Cup/Small Bowl
 Balloon
 Tealight Candle (Batter Operated or Lit)
 Permanent Marker
 Orange Tissue Paper

1. Blow your balloon up so that it is about 3.5 inches in diameter. (This is about the same width as a hand in a fist.) When finished, tie it closed.
2. Put the balloon in your cup with the knot on the balloon in the cup.
3. Take the orange tissue paper and rip it into small pieces. (Pieces should be about one to two inches but this does not need to be exact.)
4. You will need the foam brush and mod podge for this step. Dip your brush into the mod podge and cover a small section of the balloon with it. Cover the section with the tissue paper pieces. Repeat this step until the balloon is covered. (The tissue paper will not totally stick down and edges will be sticking up. This is okay.)
5. Using your foam brush, cover the tissue paper that is on the balloon with mod podge.
(This is your second layer of mod podge.) Do this in sections until all of the tissue paper on the balloon is covered. (The mod podge goes on white but will dry clear. Wrinkles in the tissue paper are okay during this process.)
6. Let mod podge dry for 24 hours.
7. The next day remove the balloon from the cup and turn balloon so the knot is facing up.
Take your permanent marker and draw a pumpkin face on the tissue paper. (The mouth of the pumpkin should be toward the center of tissue paper.)
8. Using a pointed edge (pin, paper clip, pen, etc), pop the balloon. The tissue paper mold will deflate with the balloon. This is okay.
9. When the balloon finishes deflating, remove it from the inside of your mold and reshape the mold so it appears round again.
10. Put your tealight candle in the now pumpkin-shaped mold. You now have a pumpkin lantern!

Craft ‘n Things: Macrame Hanging Planters

September 2020

Instructions for Making Macrame Hanging Planters


  • Glass jar
  • Twine
  • Air plants, succulents or cactus
  • Small rocks or pebbles
  • Soil or other plant needs for chosen plant


1. Cut four pieces of twine to the same length, loop in half, and tie a knot to create a handle.

2. Split twine into four sections of two strings, tie knots between each section three inches from the handle. Repeat, tying knots to adjacent strings.

3. Measure twine to preferred height and secure around the tops of your pots with knots. Leave room on both sides of the twine so that the pot stays balanced. End in one final knot.

Craft ‘n Things

2nd Monday of the Month for Ages 18 and Older

From January to May 2021, Craft 'n Things will feature a "craft kit". Craft kits will contain necessary supplies, instructions, and a link to the YouTube Tutorial. Once you sign up for a craft/date, staff will make the kits available on the second Monday of every month from 9 AM - 2 PM; the kit will have your last name and the last four digits of your library card (if you have one). If you have a curbside pickup during the week of Craft 'n Things, we will include the kit with your pickup. If you cannot pick up your kit on the second Monday of the month, we will arrange a different time.

You will need to register to receive a craft kit. There is a limit of fifteen craft kits per craft.

For questions, email staff at

Monday, April 12th: Pine Cone Felt Owls (Full; please register via Wait List)
Monday, May 10th: Decoupage Drawer Organizers

Stay tuned every second Monday of the month for Craft 'n Things on YouTube.

Past Crafts
April:  Pine Cone Felt Owls (Owl Template)
March: Paper Leprechaun Top Hats
February: Heart-Shaped Suncatcher
January: Paper Bag Snowflake
December: Scrabble Ornament
November: Mini Turkey Candy Pots
October: Pumpkin Lanterns
September:  Macramé Hanging Planters
August: Colorful Paper Butterfly (video instructions)
July: Vintage Book Page Star Shadowbox
June: Fairy Garden Picnic Tables
May: Paper Blooms Video
Paper Blooms Instructions