Dial Back, MN: New Closures and Guidelines for COVID

Effective Friday, November 20th at 11:59 PM through December 18th

Dial Back, Minnesota is a temporary pause of most social activities, in-person dining, sports, and indoor fitness activity in group settings. This four-week pause will be in place between November 20, 2020, through December 18, 2020.

The new order specifies the following:


  • Indoor/outdoor dining
  • Gyms, fitness studios, yoga, martial arts, and dance studios
  • Wedding receptions celebrations, and private parties
  • Indoor entertainment venues
  • Organized sports for youth and adults
  • Public pool and rec centers
  • Any social gathering indoor or outdoor outside of your immediate household members
  • No person from outside your household should enter your home



  • Take-out and delivery
  • Grocery and retail
  • Places of worship, religious services, weddings, and funerals
  • Beauty salons and personal care services
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Schools and child care providers
  • Stay home when you are able