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Island of shadows
Together we burn
Murder for the modern girl
Milo and Marcos at the end of the world
Once upon another time
Simon B. Rhymin' takes a stand
Lemon Drop Falls
How to live without you
Kings of B'more
Summer's Edge
Two truths and a lie
Skandar and the unicorn thief
See you yesterday
Our own little paradise
The peach rebellion
Finding Jupiter
The ghosts of Rose Hill
Gideon Green in black and white
Flip the script
The counselors
Deep in Providence
Mausdrachen : curse of the laxness
Mausdrachen : the vapors of sadness
The Sea of Always
Izzy Hawthorne : destiny awaits
Finkle and Frannie
The Elite
Set me free
Family of liars
Grow up, Tahlia Wilkins!
The merciless ones
Tokyo dreaming
Sir Fig Newton and the science of persistence
The summer of June
Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor
Cress Watercress
Buster undercover
Catalina incognito
Atlantis : the brink of war
Travelers along the way : a Robin Hood remix
The ugly truth
The ogress and the orphans
Children of the flying city
Can you survive the schoolchildren's blizzard? : an interactive history adventur
Fishing on thin ice
The mystery of the stinky spooky night
Big Alaskan bowhunt
Can you survive the great San Francisco earthquake? : an interactive history adv
The rainbow mystery
The mystery of the snow puppy
The Joker hideout heist
Catwoman's crooked contest
Pheasant hunting firsts
The birthday party mystery
Sadiq and the community garden
Elk hunt adventure
Camila the dancing star
Camila the singing star
Softball setback
Wrestling winners
Tennis team tension
Solimar : the sword of the Monarchs
The Princess in Black and the mermaid princess
The stolen slippers
You truly assumed
The real R.P.G. : the story of the red panda girl
Shinji Takahashi and the mark of the coatl
The sisters of Luna Island
A song called home
The supernatural society
Water, water
Wishing upon the same stars
The wolves are waiting
The last kids on Earth. Quint and Dirk's hero quest
This might get awkward
The turning pointe
Vivi loves science. Sink or float
Stella Diaz to the rescue
Shuri : symbiosis
The way I say it
The school for whatnots
The view from the very best house in town
Those kids from Fawn Creek
Queen of the tiles
Sofi and the bone song
The Tiltersmith
Turn the tide
Winnie Zeng unleashes a legend
The witch, the sword, and the cursed knights
The words we keep
This rebel heart
The most dazzling girl in Berlin
I must betray you
The night bus hero
Just right Jillian
Lulu and Milagro's search for clarity
Once upon a Tim
Party pal
Louisa June and the Nazis in the waves
The last mapmaker
The tower of time
Maizy Chen's last chance
Only a monster
New from here
Hotel Magnifique
I am the ghost in your house
Midnight horizon
The moth girl
Osmo Unknown and the Eightpenny Woods
The not-so-uniform life of Holly-Mei
Jennifer Chan is not alone
The Game Master : mansion mystery
Honest June
Hide and GEEK
The girl who fell beneath the sea
The edge of in between
Ellen outside the lines
Dinosaur disaster
Dragon City
Healer and witch
Forbidden City
The Einsteins of Vista Point
Getting over Max Cooper
Gone dark
Harvey and the collection of impossible things
The flames of hope
A forgery of roses
Captain Awesome to the rescue!
Charlie & Mouse
Debating Darcy
The beast of Buckingham Palace
Bound by firelight
All that's left in the world
Alone out here
An arrow to the moon
Asking for trouble
A darkening of dragons
The ballad of songbirds and snakes
Cleo Porter and the body electric
Cinder & glass
All my rage
Anybody here seen Frenchie?
The boy who met a whale
The callers
A comb of wishes
The 143-story treehouse
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