Junior and YA Fiction

New Arrivals – Junior and Young Adult Fiction

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Junie B. Jones has a peep in her pocket
Fish in a tree
The dream spies
The Vanderbeekers on the road
Spy school project X
Foul lady fortune
The girl in the castle
Kingdom of the feared
The barren grounds
The ballad of never after
The serpent's fury
The final trial
The patron thief of bread
A taste of magic
Journey to the Orange Islands
Pokemon the series. XYZ. The rescue mission
The great pancake race
A venom dark and sweet
Captain Awesome to the rescue!
Dragonfly eyes
Alliana, girl of dragons
Twister on Tuesday
Children of the quicksands
Valentina Salazar is not a monster hunter
Keeper of the lost cities
The inheritance games
In honor of broken things
Join the club, Maggie Diaz
My own lightning
Hunters of the lost city
Rise of the school for good and evil
Out of range
Zia erases the world
Blade breaker
Stealing infinity
In the beautiful country
Next door to happy
How you grow wings
Lark and the Wild Hunt
Lies I tell myself
Mia Mayhem and the cat burglar
Quilting a legacy
The secret diary of Mona Hasan
The shadow prince
Vanishing act
You, me, and our heartstrings
Paola Santiago and the sanctuary of shadows
It's Halloween, you 'fraidy mouse!
The sight
The red palace
Miosotis Flores never forgets
This golden state
Sense and second-degree murder
Lines of courage
My mechanical romance
Nate the Great and the missing tomatoes
The lesbiana's guide to Catholic school
Wretched waterpark
Secret of the shadow beasts
River of secrets
New pets on the block
The lost ryu
The midnight orchestra
The midnighters
No one is alone
Nothing is little
A reluctant witch's guide to magic
The sea knows my name
Something wicked
The star that always stays
The witchery
The two wrong halves of Ruby Taylor
The hike to home
Healer of the water monster
High score
Better than the movies
The gilded cage
The curious league of detectives and thieves : Egypt's fire
Agent Stitch : a study in slime
Charlie Thorne and the curse of Cleopatra
Emmett and Jez
Breathe and count back from ten
Beauty and the besharam
The big bike
Blood like fate
Echoes of Grace
Fenris & Mott
Frank and Bean. Food truck fiacso
Breda's island
The battle of the Labyrinth
The haunted castle
The fort
The castle of tangled magic
Chester Keene cracks the code
Be real, Macy Weaver
The ghost of Spruce Point
A girl's guide to love & magic
Hawkins horrors : a collection of terrifying tales
Haven : a small cat's big adventure
The final gambit
The shelterlings
The wide-awake princess
Shoua and the Northern Lights dragon
Answers in the pages
Wildseed witch
Island of shadows
The awakening of Malcolm X : a novel
The counterclockwise heart
The turtle of Michigan : a novel
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