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The thieving collectors of fine children's books
The girl who stole an elephant
Trouble Island
Golden Gate
Strong as fire, fierce as flame
We belong
Firekeeper's daughter
Horse girl
Sing me forgotten
Renegade flight
The magical reality of Nadia
Camila the video star
Horse show heist
Yasmin the recycler
Funland frights
Nurse Kenji rules!
Mr. Patel builds
Spooky space ghost
Birdhouse builder
Libby Wimbley : cow girl
Libby Wimbley : mother hen
Home run
Planting peanuts
The ice cream caper
Firefighter Kayla
Super-duper librarian
Yasmin the singer
Coast City carnival chaos
Crime-fighting cat
Hunting for hidden gold
All the days past, all the days to come
A wish in the dark
A place at the table
Every body looking
Never look back
Ground Zero
The iron raven
The raconteur's commonplace book
This is my brain in love
Today tonight tomorrow
No vacancy
Beni's war
Ancestor approved : intertribal stories for kids
The desolations of Devil's Acre
Prairie lotus
Fighting words
We are not free
Cathedral of bones
Written in starlight
The Van Gogh deception
Yasmin the scientist
The world between blinks
Yasmin the librarian
Shuri : the vanished
The dog who saved the world
All the tides of fate
Dragon fury
I am Defiance : a novel of WWII
Red stars : the case of Viktor and Nadya's notebooks
The Rembrandt conspiracy
The dangerous gift
Here, there be dragons
Ready, set, bake!
The nightmare thief
Amari and the night brothers
The comeback
Many points of me
Noah McNichol and the backstage ghost
Samantha Spinner and the perplexing pants
Shadow city
Stella Diaz dreams big
A taste for love
Stella Diaz has something to say
Never After : the thirteenth fairy
Root magic
City of the plague god
TBH, no one can ever know
The boy, the wolf, and the stars
City of villains
Dearest Josephine
The emperor's riddle
Into the dark
Concrete rose
The Ickabog
The last mirror on the left
The sea in winter
The gilded ones
Mia Mayhem and the super switcheroo
Esperanza renace
El misterio de Mike
Merci Suarez se pone las pilas
Una arruga en el tiempo
Los chicos del vagon de carga
El misterio de la casa amarilla