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New Arrivals – Junior and Young Adult Fiction

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The box in the woods
In deeper waters
Magic & myth : Ireland's fairy tales
The truth as told by Mason Buttle
The fellowship of the ring : being the first part of The lord of the rings
Wave of the sea dragon
Tokyo ever after
My eyes are up here
Like father, like son
Last night at the Telegraph Club
Marcus makes a movie
The most perfect thing in the universe
The meet-cute project
Off the record
The monster missions
Much ado about baseball
Not all heroes
Good as gold
Instructions for dancing
The islanders
Good dogs on a bad day
Iggy is the hero of everything
Hollow chest
Into the wind
The Firebird song
Everywhere blue
New beginnings
Girls at the edge of the world
Drums, girls, & dangerous pie
Do you know me?
The double life of Danny Day
Follow your arrow
Even and Odd
Dawn raid
Ready to roll!
The edge of Strange Hollow
Fire with fire
Into the dorkness
The D.O.G.
The cost of knowing
The big win : an unofficial novel for fans of Animal Crossing
The blurred blogger
Between perfect and real
Curse of the phoenix
Ahmed Aziz's epic year
Blood like magic
The book no one wants to read
The dream portal
The Infinity courts
A sitting in St. James
Long lost
The forest fairy pony
Game day soccer : an interactive sports story
Hazel Bly and the deep blue sea
How to become a planet
Made in Korea
The ship of stolen words
That thing about Bollywood
Tomoko takes the lead
Every last word
The deceiver's heart
Super Rabbit Boy's team-up trouble!
Rea and the blood of the nectar
The Kate in between
Da Vinci's cat : a novel
Unicorn riding camp
A Capitol crime
Curse of the Specter Queen
The Ivies
Ophie's ghosts
Simone breaks all the rules
Love in English
Hunter's choice
Cece Rios and the desert of souls
Everyone dies famous in a small town
War and Millie McGonigle
Ivy + Bean get to work!
Mission Multiverse
The ladybug party
Between the bliss and me
The shape of thunder
The adventure is now
Avengers assembly. The sinister substitute
Awesome Dog 5000 vs. the Kitty-Cat Cyber Squad
Wind up
Gilded serpent
The gilded girl
The prison healer
The salt in our blood
Atlantis : the accidental invasion
Mountain top mystery
On the hook
Made you up
The warrior's curse
Maybe maybe Marisol Rainey
A place to hang the moon
The last fallen star : a Gifted clans novel
Megabat and the not-happy birthday
Sugar and spite
Homer on the case
The chance to fly
What's not to love
The thief of worlds
TBH, I don't want to say good-bye
Finding Junie Kim
Hurricane summer
Realm breaker
The ones we're meant to find
Heidi Heckelbeck and the lost library book
Rescue at Lake Wild
Glitter gets everywhere
Last gate of the Emperor
Best nerds forever
Healer of the water monster
Kisses & croissants
Lucy Clark will not apologize
The best worst summer
Happily for now
The traitor's blade
I speak boy
Fade into the bright
The threads of magic
Game day basketball : an interactive sports story
The last shadow warrior
Nina Soni, master of the garden
Strange birds : a field guide to ruffling feathers
Chaos on CatNet
Before the devil breaks you : a Diviners novel
Peanuts holidays through the year : five classic stories
The thieving collectors of fine children's books
Indian shoes
Dear Sweet Pea
Houdini and me
Our last echoes
Summer of Brave
Ellie tames the tiger
The messengers
American betiya
Boy, everywhere
Flight of the puffin
The octopus escapes
Pride and premeditation
Sweet & bitter magic
A wilder magic
Ways to grow love
The million dollar race
More than fluff
Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly spooky stories
The last secret you'll ever keep
Almost there and almost not
Bone Crier's dawn
Bones of a saint
Captain Dom's treasure
The half-orphan's handbook
Luck of the Titanic
Lycanthropy and other chronic illnesses : [a novel]
Nate the great and the Earth Day robot
Paper heart
A thousand minutes to sunlight
Anna K away