Craft ‘n Things: Paper Star

Rolled Paper Star created from pages taken from an old book

Instructions for creating a Paper Star:

1. Cut pages from a book.

2. Glue book pages onto the cardboard star templates. Cover star points first and cover the star center last. Set aside to allow the glue to dry.

3. Begin rolling a book page around a pencil, creating a long paper cylinder. Create approximately 100 paper rolls that are uniform in size. (I used a half sheet of the book page to decrease the bulk of the layered rolls.)

4. Glue the first layer of paper rolls onto the edges of the large star. You are creating the foundation for your star.

5. Glue a small paper roll to the first full paper roll and the star template. This acts as a reinforcement to the base (foundation row). Continue this pattern through five or six layers. It helps to lay out paper rolls to determine the best position on the star before gluing it down.

6. Glue smaller star template to the last row.

7. Begin gluing down the first layer on the small star. Repeat the pattern creating four more layers. 8. Glue book pages to cover the inside walls of the small star to create a shadow box effect to the star on all 5 points until the star is complete.