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NIFTY Dr. Skow Program

Can You Really Live on Mars? With Special Guest, NASA Engineer, Dr. Mary Skow

October 10, 4-5:45 PM
For Youth Ages 9-14

Dr. Mary Skow works at the NASA headquarters in Washington D.C. She’ll talk with us about her journey to NASA and what tech is required to live on the Moon or Mars, and then we’ll build our own space colony!

Per grant guidelines, this program is targeted at ages 9-14. Pre-registration is required.

Meet Dr. Mary Skow! Mary has two mottos when it comes to life. Learn from Everything and Never forget to Smile. She is passionate about human space travel and scientific space research, learning about religions, cultures and languages, and helping those around her succeed in their goals and ambitions. Mary graduated from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY in 2007 with her BS is Chemical Engineering and went straight to graduate school. She graduated from Texas A&M with a PhD in Chemical Engineering with a focus in Microelectronics. During her undergraduate and graduate education, Mary continued to work full time to minimize debt. Mary started at NASA Kennedy Space Center as a graduate student Co-Op working on In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) followed by becoming a Project Manager at NASA Johnson Space Center for Environmental Control Life Support Systems (ECLSS). During the pandemic, she took a on a role as the Portfolio Analyst at NASA HQ for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer where she was responsible for understanding and working with the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate for things like the Human Landing System, Gateway and Suits. She has since transitioned to be the Strategic Evaluation Program Manager for NASA HQ under the Administrator’s suite.

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