Young Adult Book Club

Tuesday, November 10 at 4 PM

Virtual book club is back! In this book club for youth in grades 6 through 12, participants will read “A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying” by Kelley Armstrong before our meeting where we’ll discuss everything we read, play games, and do a little crafting. The book, discussion questions, and crafting/activity materials will be provided in a take-home kit prior to November 10. Registration is required.

Book summary: Twelve-year-old Rowan is destined to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places, but the oldest child is always next in line, even if she is only older by two minutes. She resigns herself to admiring her monster-hunting aunt's glorious sword and joining her queen mother for boring diplomatic teas. But tragedy shatters the longstanding rule, and Rowan finds herself hunting the most dangerous monster of all: a gryphon.

Accompanied by a feisty baby jackalope and a giant wolf that barely tolerates her, Rowan sets off on a journey that will see her join other unlikely allies: a boy with monster-hunting ambitions of his own, and a girl hiding dangerous motives. It will take all of Rowan's skills, both physical and diplomatic, to keep this adventure on track. The future of her kingdom depends on it.